The Ventilative Cooling Platform venticool was officially launched during the AIVC-TightVent conference in Copenhagen, Oct. 10-11 2012. Venticool aims to bring resources together to accelerate the learning process in particular by raising awareness, sharing experience and by steering research and development efforts in this field. Expected results include in particular better guidance for appropriate implementation of ventilative cooling strategies as well as adequate credit for such strategies in building regulations.

The platform philosophy is to pull resources together and to avoid duplicating efforts to maximize the impact of existing and new initiatives. The platform will closely collaborate with organizations that have already significant experience and/or are well-identified in the field of ventilation and thermal comfort, e.g. AIVC (, REHVA (, or possibly a new annex of the international energy agency.

Venticool will also benefit from the input and feedback of renowned experts involved in related projects or invited to workshops, conferences and other events organized by the platform. The organization of 4 topical sessions on ventilative cooling at the AIVC-TightVent conference in Copenhagen falls within this scope.

The target audience of the platform ranges from European, national and regional government policy makers over designers, practitioners, supply industry to researchers. It is clear that awareness raising is key in the start-up phase, whereas in time the emphasis should move to providing the appropriate support tools and getting the knowledge into the market.

The scope of venticool covers covers as well natural, mechanical and mixed-mode ventilation. It has been initiated by INIVE EEIG (International Network for Information on Ventilation and Energy Performance) with at present the financial and/or technical support of the following partners: Agoria Naventa, Velux, WindowMaster, REHVA and the CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group.

For more information, or if you are interested to become a platform partner, please contact us at