TightVent Europe
TightVent Europe

“Following the recast of the energy performance of buildings directive published in May 2010, EU countries will have:
- to implement regulations to increase the number of nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB) in the next few years, and
- to generalize nearly zero energy targets in new buildings and major renovations.

This has major consequences:
- Such strategies will for most climates automatically lead to specific attention to building airtightness (1), including large scale measurements, challenges in terms of design and execution, quality issues, long term performance, ... This is a tremendous challenge.
- As a result of the increased attention for building airtightness, the need for appropriate, energy efficient, ventilation systems (2) will grow. Issues as correct air flow rates, air quality, acoustics, draught, energy optimisation, economics... will have to be handled at large scale. At present, we know that poor ventilation system performance is common in many European countries.
- So, indirectly, the move towards nearly zero-energy buildings will lead to a greater need for ventilation systems (3).
- In addition, there are tremendous challenges for the existing building stock. Although there will be in most countries more time for implementation and, in absolute terms, probably less severe targets, in addition to challenges similar to the new stock, there are specificities that considerably complexity the improvement of ventilation and airtightness.

In order to tackle these ventilation and airtightness challenges in an efficient way, “TightVent Europe” was created and launched in January 2011.

The target audience of the TightVent Europe activities is wide and ranges from the research community over designers, practitioners, supply industry to European governmental policy makers. It is clear that awareness rising is key in the starting up phase, whereas in time the emphasis should move to providing the appropriate support tools and getting the knowledge into the market.
Since this action clearly fits within the objectives of INIVE, i.e. collecting and dissemination knowledge on energy efficiency and ventilation in buildings, INIVE is strongly supporting this initiative and acts as the facilitator of TightVent Europe.

This initiative receives support from the following organizations:

Diamond members:
- Lindab (www.lindab.com)
- MEZ-TECHNIK (www.mez-tecnik.de)
- Retrotec (www.retrotec.com)

Gold members:
- Blowerdoor GmbH (www.blowerdoor.de)
- EURIMA (www.eurima.org)
- Soudal (www.soudal.com)

Silver members:
- Gonal (http://gonal.es/en/)
- SIGA (www.siga.swiss/global_en)

Associated members:
- BPIE - Building Performance Institute Europe (www.bpie.eu)

ECF - European Climate Foundation (www.europeanclimate.org)
has given substantial support during the first phase of the platform.


In case you would like to know more about TightVent Europe, please contact us at info@tightvent.eu