EPBD Article 19a feasibility study on the “inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems”

Following Article 19a of the EPBD Directive 2018/844/EU, this study will assess the relevance and feasibility to introduce EU provisions for the inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems in buildings.

Directive 2018/844/EU, articles 14 and 15, already extended the requirements of Directive 2010/31/EU on inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems to the inspection of combined heating and ventilation systems, and combined air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The feasibility study foreseen under Article 19a intends to investigate the need for a possible further extension of inspection to include also stand-alone ventilation systems, or other possible measures. In this study, stand-alone ventilation systems are defined as ventilation systems whose sole function is to ventilate a building.

The study includes an overview of the stock of ventilation systems installed in Europe and related technological trends, as well as a review of mandatory and voluntary inspection schemes of ventilation systems in buildings, at EU and national levels.

The study assesses the relevance, feasibility, timing and overall impacts of introducing EU provisions (legislative or non-legislative) for the inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems in buildings. The provisions could, for example, comprise the development or improvement of technical standards, guidelines and practices, or the possible extension of the mandatory regular inspection requirements to stand-alone ventilation systems.

The objectives of this study are to deliver:

The relevant work is organised around the first three Tasks of the EPBD 19a feasibility study:

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