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Conferences & Workshops

INIVE organises each year a series of conferences and workshops.

Future events


Athens, Greece
41st AIVC – ASHRAE IAQ – 9th TightVent & 7th venticool Conference



Since 1980, there is each year in the autumn the AIVC conference. More information can be found at www.aivc.org.

International workshops

Since 2008, INIVE organises each year one or more international workshops.

June 2019 Technical Day: Activities of IEA TCP on Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC TCP) Info
March 2019 Quality ventilation is the key to achieving low energy healthy buildings (Dublin) Info
April 2018 Building energy performance assessment and quality assurance based on in-situ measurements (Brussels) Info
March 2018

Ventilation for Indoor Air Quality and Cooling (Sydney)

March 2018 Towards Higher Performing Homes: The Role of Ventilation and Airtightness (Wellington) Info
March 2017 Is ventilation the answer to indoor air quality control in buildings? Flyer - Programme - Presentations
January 2017 Renewable heating and cooling systems for buildings Flyer - Programme - Presentations
December 2016 Performance of thermal insulation in low energy buildings and advanced building renovation projects Flyer - Programme - Presentations
March 2016 Summer comfort technologies in buildings Programme - Presentations
March 2015 Ventilation and Airtightness: Voluntary and Regulatory Frameworks to Improve Quality and Compliance (Lund) Flyer - Programme - Presentations
March 2014 Quality of Methods for Measuring Ventilation and Air Infiltration in Buildings (Brussels) Programme - Presentations - Proceedings
April 2013 Airtightness – Design, implementation, control and durability: feedback from practice and perspectives (Washington DC) Flyer - Programme - Presentations - Proceedings
March 2013 Ventilative cooling (Brussels) Flyer - Programme - Presentations
March 2013 Securing the quality of ventilation systems in residential buildings (Brussels) Flyer - Presentations - Proceedings
May 2012 Ventilation and health (Brussels)  
April 2012 Super insulating materials (Brussels) Flyer - Publication
March 2012 Achieving relevant and durable airtightness levels (Brussels) Flyer - Proceedings
May 2011 Reliable assessment of energy performances (Copenhagen)  
March 2011 Full scale test facilities for evaluation of energy and hygrothermal performances (Brussels) Flyer
October 2010 Dynamic Methods for Building Energy Assessment (Brussels) Flyer
June 2010 Large scale implementation of airtightness plans (Brussels) Flyer
March 2010 Innovation and energy performance (Amsterdam) Flyer
September 2009 Impact, compliance and control of energy legislations (Brussels) Flyer
March 2009 Summer comfort and cooling (Barcelona) Flyer
March 2008 National trends in ventilation markets (Ghent) Flyer