CETIAT (Centre Technique des Industries Aérauliques et Thermiques)


Domaine Scientifique de La Doua - 25 Avenue des Arts - BP 52042
FR - 69603 Villeurbanne Cedex
Tel. +33 (0)4 72 44 49 00 
Fax. +33 (0)4 72 44 49 49
Email: commercial@cetiat.fr  
Website: http://www.cetiat.fr




CETIAT is a French research, testing and training centre in fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, heat sciences and acoustics. Its activity is as an independent testing and study centre (8 M€/year), performing tests, calibrations of measuring devices, performance certification, calculations, technology watch, studies, audits, training, … for its members and various customers from all industrial sectors. 

CETIAT also operates a cooperative research programme (3.5 M€/year) for its 360 industrial members and sponsors, covering themes such as energy conservation, integration of renewable energy sources, indoor environmental quality, innovative systems, environmental issues, reliability and quality of installed systems, metrology and quality of measurements. Results are distributed through reports, workshops,  technology watch bulletins, a dedicated website and a 2-days annual conference. CETIAT is a key actor in several European and standardisation groups within CEN and ISO. It also contributes to the discussions between industry and public authorities or certification bodies for the implementation/revision of regulations and certification schemes.

Founded in 1960, CETIAT has the legal status of “Centre Technique Industriel”. With a staff of 135 persons (mainly engineers and technicians), located in the immediate vicinity of Lyon, CETIAT operates about 2000 contracts per year.

CETIAT industrial members are 360 manufacturers of systems for heating, ventilation, air handling, air conditioning, air filtration, dust removal, air drying, air humidifying, intended to be used in buildings, industrial process or transport vehicles.
CETIAT is ISO 9001 certified for its activities as a whole, while CETIAT laboratories (50 test and calibration rigs) are ISO 17025 accredited for most of their activities.

CETIAT skills applied to buildings, industry and transport vehicles cover various aspects of air handling: ventilation systems, ductwork, fans, air diffusers, indoor air quality, air filtration, air cleaning, energy performance, heat recovery, integration of renewable, acoustics, fan noise, silencers, comfort of occupants, coupling of ventilation systems with heating systems, domestic hot water systems, heat pumps, …
CETIAT has also developed a recognised expertise about testing methods, standards, regulations, certification schemes, calculation / simulation,  training, technology watch.
CETIAT skills in metrology relate in particular to accurate measurement of air velocity, air flow rate, air humidity, pressure, temperature and the assessment of measuring uncertainties.

Recent or ongoing interesting projects operated by CETIAT about ventilation cover important topics such as:
Indoor air quality, air filtration, air pollutants removal:

  1. Air quality issues at the outlet of earth-to-air heat exchangers
  2. Indoor air quality in very low energy buildings
  3. Testing method for air cleaners
  4. Efficient hoods for welding fumes in industrial premise

Energy efficient ventilation systems:

  1. Ventilation systems in the French regulation
  2. Assessment method for sensors in demand-controlled ventilation systems
  3. Energy labelling of air filters
  4. Heat recovery techniques at the exhaust of industrial warm air dryers
  5. Energy efficient hoods for commercial kitchen

Improvement of ventilation systems operation:

  1. On site measurement of air flow rates
  2. Improvement of training sessions for ventilation systems installers 


  1. Methodology to predict noise of fan

Some key publications to which CETIAT contributed are:

  1. Trends in the French building ventilation market and drivers for change (http://www.aivc.org/resource/vip-19-trends-french-building-ventilation-market-and-drivers-change?volume=33977)
  2. Air filtration in HVAC systems
  3. Aerodynamic noise of fans (http://www.aivc.org/resource/cr-01-aerodynamic-noise-fans?volume=33982)
  4. Flow generated noise in ventilation systems (http://www.aivc.org/resource/cr-02-flow-generated-noise-ventilation-systems?volume=33982)
  5. Air quality in ventilation installations (http://www.cetiat.fr/gb/publicationsveille/servezvous/guidesgratuits/index.cfm#qai)
  6. Demand-controlled ventilation (http://www.cetiat.fr/gb/publicationsveille/servezvous/guidesgratuits/index.cfm#guidemoduledebit)
  7. Development and evaluation of a new test method for portable air cleaners (http://www.aivc.org/resource/cr-15-development-and-evaluation-new-test-method-portable-air-cleaners?volume=33982)
INIVE membership brings to CETIAT an efficient way to cooperate with partners having similar skills at an international level. INIVE also offers to CETIAT an appropriate place to build up and operate common fruitful projects concerning the ventilation and energy performance of buildings.